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NeurOptimal® allows your central nervous system to self-regulate toward more optimal states of functioning. It is completely noninvasive, meaning nothing is invading or pushing your brain in any direction. Your brain course corrects itself, which makes brain training safe for ALL ages!

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 Children, teenagers, adults, seniors, amateur and/or professional athletes, parents, professionals, educators, Law Enforcement Officers, First Responders, healthcare workers, military personnel, veterans, social workers, trauma survivors, parents, and anyone who feels they are not functioning at their personal best, or are experiencing stress. 

Meditating in Backyard
Playing Golf

Brain Training and Sports
Get the Edge You're Seeking

“The first time I ever picked up a golf club I was a 10 handicap. At the end of the season I was informed I was the most improved player by handicap index. NeurOptimal® is really about helping the CNS just return to present. In the end you really have to own your own rhythm, own your own tempo, and that really means getting back inside to your own experience. With NeurOptimal® the possibilities are endless.”

Dr. Valdeane Brown, Ph.d
Avid Golf Player, Creator of NeurOptimal®

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